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The Surprisingly Simple 3-Hour Test Prep Solution For Your Child’s ISEE & HSPT Exams

Every parent wishes there was some magic pill when it comes to middle and high school entrance exams. I’d love to tell you that we’d discovered it, but alas…we are still on the hunt. However, after over a decade of test-prep experience, we have discovered a very simple and incredibly effective part of the test prep program that isn’t always given enough attention (or
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Saving the Best for Last: The ISEE Essay

We have finally arrived at the last stop on our journey through the ISEE…the essay!  Wait, so after 2 hours of staring at bubble sheets your child is expected to produce an organized, thoughtful, and coherent piece of writing?  Absolutely. The good news?  It’s not graded!  This essay is used as a writing sample and sent to schools along with a score report to
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Size Matters: The ISEE Math Achievement Section

They say that bigger is better (especially if you talk to a Texan), and I would completely agree when it comes to tax refunds and cupcakes.  But what about the line at the bank when you go to cash your tax refund or your waistline after too many cupcakes?? Sometimes bigger isn’t better.  Especially when it comes to the 47-question Mathematics Achievement section of
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Comprehending Reading Comprehension

If you survived the Quantitative Reasoning quest and are back for more, you may be relieved to know that the ISEE Reading Comprehension section is much less exciting.  In fact, it’s SO much less exciting for most students that I would definitely honor it with the title “Most likely to put students to sleep.”  In order to counteract this section’s infamous reputation for creating
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Slaying the Quantitative Reasoning Dragon

When preparing any battle plan, it’s important to map out all important logistical information.  Let’s look first at the timing and problem types in each level.   ISEE Quantitative Reasoning Section by Level Level Total # of questions Word Problems Quantitative Comparisons Total time Time per question Lower Level 38 38 0 35 min 55 sec Middle Level 37 18-21 14-17 35 min 56
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First Things First: Verbal Reasoning

Vocab and fill-ins and bubbles, oh my!  Don’t you wish someone could simplify all the important information about the Verbal Reasoning section into one compact chart?  Oh wait, we already did that for you…because we are just that awesome.  Here is an overview of the Verbal Reasoning section: ISEE Verbal Reasoning Section by Level Level Total # of questions Synonyms Sentence Completions Total time
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Breaking it Down: ISEE Content Revealed

Now that we have covered a lot of ground when it comes to logistics, let’s dive a little more deeply into the content of the test.  Based on actual score reports from our most recent students, we have created a handy chart to detail the actual number of questions dedicated to each type of question on the ISEE (I love charts, don’t you??) This
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A Play-by-Play of ISEE Scoring

As a drama/music/grammar enthusiast (a.k.a. nerd), I have often been baffled when watching sports with friends.  I will never forget the looks I got at one party when commenting on the color of one team’s “outfits”, only to be informed that they should be referred to as “uniforms”.  After being educated by several sports fans, I’ve found that one thing makes a major difference
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Tackling Testing Timing

As I’m gearing up to run my next marathon, I have a lot of compassion for the student preparing for the truly momentous task of taking the ISEE.  After all, this exam is certainly the marathon of tests for elementary and middle school students! I’ve broken down how to deal with the timing of the ISEE by comparing it to an athletic event that
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Just Breathe

Opera singers and Olympic swimmers aren’t the only ones who need to pay attention to their inhales and exhales.  Breathing has a very important effect on brain function, and learning how to utilize the breath could be one of the most valuable techniques your student can use on test day. To illustrate this point, we are going to ask you to try this very
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