The Three Worst Words My Students Say

After working with every grade level, from pre-school to high school, you can imagine I have heard it all when it comes to bad words in the classroom.  But are you ready for the worst three words that I hear coming out of my students’ mouths? “I don’t know” These words are like nails on a chalkboard to me, and they are something I
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Don’t Get Lost in Logistics!

As with any important project, the key to success in preparing for the ISEE is staying organized.  To give you a starting point, we have organized for you a list of things to keep organized!  It’s so meta…we know! 1. Schedule: Have a calendar that can be accessed by you and your student that includes all appointments related to test prep, such as tutoring
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Battling Performance Anxiety: How to Set the Stage for Testing Success

Having to perform when the stakes are high is always enough to put anyone’s nerves on edge. As a musician, I know am definitely most comfortable singing in my room alone or rocking out in my car. But given that my steering wheel isn’t necessarily the audience for which I dream of performing, I am always developing my own ability to combat my nerves
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Is Do-It-Yourself Tutoring Right For You?

After reviewing all the tutoring packages and course tuition prices, you may be asking yourself, “Can I just tutor my own child?” We live in a society that values independence and do-it-yourself solutions.  From assembling your own furniture to changing your own oil, there are a wealth of options for the motivated self-starter to accomplish feats once entrusted to a professional.  So can this
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The Tutor Trap

In order to discuss the qualities of a great tutor, we have decided to put you in your child’s shoes and give you a two-question multiple choice test.  You love us, don’t you?  Here we go… 1. What guarantees a good test-prep tutor? A. Intelligence B. High exam scores C. Teaching experience D. None of the above Well, if you’ve learned anything about test
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Why Is My Straight-A Student Bombing the ISEE??

The last thing you ever thought you had to worry about was your honor roll student failing a test.  So when she took her diagnostic and got 2/10 on the quantitative reasoning section, you may have had to blink a few extra times before you realized that she answered 2 problems CORRECTLY instead of MISSED 2 problems. You may be asking yourself, why the
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5 Simple Steps to Start Entrance Exam Prep NOW!

The number one question we get asked at the outset by frazzled parents is, “Where do we begin??” The most important question is not WHERE you begin, but WHEN you begin.  And for most of you, the answer is NOW. Early preparation is one of the most important advantages when it comes to testing.  Having time on your side pretty much guarantees you an
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Meet UP!

Hi there.  Our names are Jenni and Erin, and we are here to save you from the insanity commonly referred to as high school entrance exam preparation. You may find yourself completely relieved, like we just threw you a life preserver while you’ve been keeping your head just above the surface of a sea of sentence completions and quantitative comparisons.  Or you may have absolutely
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