Academic Tutoring

We provide tutoring for nearly every subject and grade.  At Unlocking Potential, we understand that each student is unique and requires a different approach.  We consult with you to find out all relevant information, including social and emotional factors, that will help to pair your child with the best possible tutor.  Out tutors are experienced educators with expertise in their subject areas. We will work with your child to develop a program that best addresses their areas of need based on our initial assessments.

Register Below for Academic Tutoring

In order to register for tutoring, please complete the two steps below:

Step 1: Make Your Choice Below, Click Button to Make Payment:

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Step 2: Fill out your tutoring registration form and either mail it or scan and email it…

After you have paid and filled out your registration document, you will receive a confirmation email with information about what to do next. If you haven’t already had your complementary tutoring consultation, we will schedule one at that time. During the call, we will discuss student goals and needs, how many tutoring sessions we recommend, and how to diagnose current readiness.

Please feel free to email us at or call us at (424) 703-3072 if you have any questions or concerns!