About Us

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Jenni Kephart (Co-owner)

Jenni spent over a decade as a behavior therapist and test-prep tutor. Her range and depth of experience with standardized tests gave her the capacity to develop Unlocking Potential’s ISEE curriculum and continually fine-tune the content and strategies presented to students. Jenni has extensive leadership experience and has led and developed seminars of up to 400 participants. She loves the challenge of adapting and customizing preparation to ensure program effectiveness and is committed to providing the highest level of quality and customer service for each student and family.


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Erin Lawrence (Co-owner)

Erin is a credentialed teacher and national consultant with several years of teaching, tutoring, and coaching experience. She has worked with students across grade levels since 2002 in both public and private school settings. Erin has worked as an educational consultant at Catapult Learning and for the Department of Defense providing training to teachers and administrators across the United States and internationally, with the goal of improving instructional practices within the classroom. Erin has also led motivational workshops for students at Marymount High School and offers one-on-one coaching for all ages.  Erin enjoys providing a foundation and a structure for students to achieve their goals and change their perspectives about themselves as learners.