Unlocking Potential provides innovative academic support and test preparation solutions for middle school and high school entrance exams such as the ISEE and HSPT. We offer one-on-one tutoring, proctored practice tests, and consulting services to support mastery of testing skills and strategies. Our mission is to provide a customized experience for each family and school that identifies and targets individual needs, enabling us to implement the most effective program for each client. In addition to comprehensive coverage of testing material, we utilize simple techniques and exercises to minimize anxiety and improve perspective, allowing increased access to performance.

We founded Unlocking Potential because we saw a need for something more in education—an approach that takes into account the natural brilliance in every child.  Our view is that every student has all the elements for success within him/her and that the learning process should empower each learner to recognize and expand these strengths.  We strive to develop students’ sense of personal responsibility for their own education and life. Taking these principles into the daunting realm of test preparation allows us to reach families that are most in need of our expertise. We seek to ease the high levels of anxiety often experienced by the entire family when preparing for these important exams that can literally change the direction of a child’s educational future.

We are committed to:

  • Providing the best possible learning structure for deep thinking and problem solving to occur
  • Teaching concepts in a way that all students have access to mastery
  • Addressing each student as a complete being with educational, emotional, mental and physical aspects
  • Uncovering the behind-the-scenes details of test expectations to parents
  • Providing families a service that directly addresses the needs of the family and the child
  • Being great with our clients and listening to what is needed
  • Employing instructors who are not only experts, but can effectively convey the material
  • Employing instructors who are professional, highly trained, friendly, and relatable