We hand-pick our instructors because of their mastery of their content areas and their creativity and flexibility in working with students with a variety of learning styles. Our instructors are passionate about learning and dedicated to each of their students thriving academically and learning to navigate the world as a successful human being.


Madeline Blue professional

Madeline B. Schussel

A graduate of Tufts, a “Top Thirty” University, Madeline is a standardized test instructor and tutor who has been sharing her skills in academia for over a decade. Having overcome significant learning struggles as a child, she went on to “ace” the SAT and excel in her schooling. She now specializes in building the confidence of students (of all ages) with their own perceived focus challenges. While in college, she developed and defended an interdisciplinary major in liberal arts and sciences, and she is especially in tune with kids and teens who need help balancing diverse interests and strengths. Also an editor, she is exceptionally capable at advancing students’ writing abilities, as well as at sharpening their math skills up to the Calculus level.


Levenix Riddle

Levenix hails from Chicago, Illinois where he grew up loving math and science. His grandmother was an educator and instilled in him not just the love of learning, but of teaching. While helping him with his homework, she delighted in showing how many different methods could be used for solving the same problem. These wonderful sessions opened his eyes to the science and artistry of educating, lessons he carried with him as he progressed through his schooling.

Levenix attended a high school specializing in math, science, and technology. He was inducted into the National Honors Society and graduated in the top 10% of his class. Levenix went on to study Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and later transferred to DePaul University where he gained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in theater performance. During his time in school, he discovered his love for teaching while tutoring and working as a teacher’s assistant. He helped fellow students in subjects ranging from math, physics, and English to stage combat.

Levenix is a firm believer that confidence and preparation are large components of learning. He uses his eclectic educational background and easygoing demeanor to bolster his students, giving them the space to make mistakes, ask questions, and spark their own imagination. His goal is to instill a sense of ownership of their learning. He wants to show them, as his grandmother did all those years ago, that there are many ways to attack a problem and how much fun learning can be.


Carly Pandza

Carly has been teaching and mentoring children from infants to high schoolers for almost a decade. She loves working with youth as she considers herself just a big kid at heart. Carly got her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film from Chapman University. Her lessons are always full of energy, fun, and learning. Carly loves connecting deeply with students and helping them see the material and themselves in a new way. She has a passion for unlocking the potential for of all ages as a coach, consultant, and leader of transformational learning programs since 2014. Outside of the classroom, she loves dancing, going to the movies, and spending time with her husband and dog-children, Baby Driver and Biscuit.


Matt McMurphy

Matt has been tutoring high school students in math and writing since his Junior year of high school. After college, he began teaching a variety of subjects ranging from Drama to Buddhism to Algebra II. He earned his California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for grades K-12 as well as his Single Subject Credential in History. Matt continues to proudly guide students in their studies from middle school all the way through to high school graduation. Matt believes there is no one way to teach or learn content. He loves to help students understand new concepts and develop the skills they need to grow as confident and responsible independent learners.