Test Prep Tutoring – Offered ONLINE

We learn before we teach.

Our process is designed to help us understand each student’s individual style and specific needs before creating a targeted program for maximum growth and effectiveness.

Here is our process:

Diagnostic: Each student takes a full-length diagnostic test (typically administered at home), and the parent will score using a provided answer key.

Consultation: In this 30-minute call, a test expert will review and explain diagnostic performance compared to sample groups, assist in creating personalized goals, and recommend a preparation plan to meet the needs of the student and family.

Registration: The family selects and registers for a package, at which point they are put in direct contact with the instructor to schedule.

First session: Instructor will review portions of the diagnostic test with the student with the intention of discovering the student’s unique perspective and intuitive methods of solving the problems. This will allow the instructor to create a specific preparation plan tailored to the student’s specific needs and instruct in a way that nurtures the natural brilliance of the student.

Plan Implementation: Tutoring will address the exact areas of need, providing strategies and instruction that align with the student’s learning style and approach.

Practice tests: Periodic practice tests (either proctored or in-home) will allow the student to experience the content and timing of the test. Tests will then be reviewed in sessions to assess student progress and fill in content or strategy gaps. Live proctored practice tests are included in all packages and take place in September, October, and November in Pasadena.

Menu of Services

One hour minimum per session

• 2 hour starter (no diagnostic or consultation)

• 10 hours, Score Consultation, 2 Practice Tests

• 20 hours, Score Consultation, 3 Practice Test

• 30 hours, Score Consultation, 3 Practice Tests

• Score consultation (30min Phone consultation including in-depth review of diagnostics test and individualized recommendation for preparation)

To register, choose an option above. If you are registering before having a consultation, send an email to info@uptestprep.com to schedule your consultation.