Summer Offerings 2019

Our summer classes include week-long workshops designed for deep and lasting impact as well as test prep courses that will orient students toward testing success.

All classes will be held at Sequoyah School and are open to students attending other schools. Specific classroom details will be emailed after registration.

Age Ranges: Grades 5-12. See class descriptions for more information.

Class Descriptions and Logistics

Creative Math

Math can seem like a rigid subject, with only one “correct” formula or method. However, solving math problems can be much more effective and enjoyable when approached with creativity and flexibility. This class explores different approaches to solving math problems, encouraging inquiry and critical thinking instead of mere formula memorization and rote practice. Topics span arithmetic, geometry, algebraic concepts, and data analysis while exploring connections between these seemingly separate categories.

Designed for 5th- 9th graders

Word Play

This class covers three basic areas of language arts—vocabulary, reading, and writing—through games and activities designed to pique interest. Students will learn and solidify academic vocabulary with the goal of long-term retention and a permanent increase of each student’s lexicon. Techniques and strategies for reading comprehension will be introduced to help students quickly capture the main points and important details of passages and effectively answer comprehension questions. Students will also learn the components of powerful timed essays, including structure, effective planning, and adding specificity and detail.

Designed for 5th- 9th graders

Actors’ Workshop: The Art of Being

Acting can be an exhilarating and transformative experience when approached from a particular perspective. This workshop will explore the idea of “being” a character instead of “pretending to be” one. Students will engage in games, activities, and exercises to expand their capacities to become multiple different characters. The intention of this workshop is an increased level of freedom and play in acting—an outcome that often extends to multiple areas of life.

Designed for 5th- 9th graders

Writers’ Workshop: Master Your Craft

The writing process has multiple components, each of which dramatically impact the quality and experience of writing. In this class, students will explore techniques for organization/planning, outlining, drafting, and editing/ revising. Each student will develop an individualized writing process that feels natural and leads to more effective finished products. Informative, argumentative, and narrative formats will be covered. Students will have the opportunity to write about topics of interest and/or use the class to work on specific assignments/projects.

Designed for 9th- 12th graders

Creative Math, Word Play, Actors’ Workshop, and Writers’ Workshop are Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM (with a 45-60 min lunch break) and offered each of the following weeks:

July 8 – 12

July 15 – 19

July 22 – 26

July 29 – Aug 2

August 5 – 9

August 12 – 16

**Packages can include any combination of the four offerings. Package classes must be used by the same family.

Tuition: $895 for one session, $1590 for two sessions ($795 each), and $2085 for three sessions ($695 each)

Step 1: Submit Payment for the Session or Session Package

Step 2: Complete Registration Form with Desired Sessions and Personal Information

IMPORTANT: If you’re registering more than one student, you must submit a registration form for each student. Thank you!

Introduction to the Independent Secondary School Exam (ISEE)

Preparing for the ISEE can be stressful, often exposing major gaps in skills and problem-solving. This course will review test content, teach valuable strategies, and provide opportunities for practice and solidification of knowledge. Students will build their stamina and skills with drills, activities, and quizzes. Simple techniques will also be taught to minimize anxiety and improve perspective, allowing for a boost in performance.  Age groups: Middle Level (entering 5th-6th grade), Upper Level (entering 7th-8thgrade)

Introduction to College Tests (SAT & ACT)

College entrance exams require specific skills, content knowledge, and strategies not always taught in school. This workshop covers the basics of all sections of the SAT and ACT; including reading comprehension, language skills, math, and essay writing. Students who are undecided between preparing for the SAT or ACT will emerge with the information needed to make the most beneficial choice. Lessons and timed drills will strengthen problem-solving abilities, and strategies for specific problem types will help students tackle previously baffling questions.  Designed for students entering 9th-11th grade

3-week sessions MWF 8:30-9:55AM
Session 1: July 8-26
Session 2: July 29-August 16
Tuition: $495

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Step 2: Complete Registration Form with Desired Sessions and Personal Information

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