Annie always looked forward to class!


My son really enjoyed this class!  The course helped demystify the SAT test process and he came out of every class invigorated!!


As a student who had paid great sums of money for tutoring through prestigious SAT prep organizations, I found myself aggravated with the lack of progress these institutions provided me.  As a result, I found Unlocking Potential and decided to give it a whirl.  Upon doing so, I saw over a 100 point increase in all of my scores, putting me in the 98th percentile.  With only a few sessions, my tutor from Unlocking Potential was able to pinpoint the few key elements that enabled me to improve me scores.  I am very grateful and would recommend Unlocking Potential to anyone who wants to increase their scores.




We had a very positive experience with Unlocking Potential. Our son was admitted into all the schools he applied to, including the most selective ones, and the folks at Unlocking Potential played a big role. We were completely satisfied.

Jr. High Parent

Our daughter was quite intimidated by the ISEE, especially since her first-choice middle school was known to favor scores in the upper range. We’re very happy to report that she hit those scores and her acceptance to that school followed shortly thereafter. Credit her hard work, and also credit the guidance she received from a private, in-home tutor from Unlocking Potential. This tutor was like a dream come true: Ivy educated, fun to be around, patient, and with great communication skills. Our daughter actually looked forward to the two-hour sessions, which certainly weren’t inexpensive, but did fall within the range of other tutors that we priced in our area. Most importantly, the extra money we spent was absolutely worth it. Hiring a private, in-home tutor from Unlocking Potential was an ideal experience that got our daughter into the middle school she coveted most. We highly recommend this route for anyone preparing for the ISEE or similar standardized test.

Mark & Tracy

This course exposed our son to math concepts and terms that he had not had in his school, and this enabled him to answer questions on the ISEE that he would have otherwise been unable to figure out.


As a parent I can tell you that your class was great for Isabelle because it provided a structure for her to study and approach the exam.  She felt well prepared and extremely confident.  Both of you were able to motivate her and bring out her best even when she didn’t think she could do it.  When Isabelle took the exam this past weekend, she felt extremely relaxed and well prepared.